Consequences for not knowing legality’s of a exchange!

Is there any consequences for users that bought Nash from the exchanges that are not authorized to sell security tokens, will the investors suffer any consequences because of that? Thank you :handshake:

this was explained many times i believe… what you have is a valid nex token :slight_smile: Nex being a security gives extra assurance to investors,

  • since its a security, nash can share revenue
  • they will not scam and run away like most ico projects do in crypto…
  • provide half yearly / annual reports on the progress
  • no pump / dump

but I guess no guarantee you will make 100x, team works on the project and success depends how the public sees and uses it… same like any other normal company

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If you’re asking if you can suffer any legal repercussions because of where you obtained your NEX tokens, I believe the answer is no.


This is why i cant wait for NASH to be made available on the exchange, thats $1m plus in trade each day on its own, watch the price then😁


If that’s based on Coingecko stats… then it won’t be $1m, the exchanges ( Tokok, MXC ) are wash trading. I hope that Nash can list NEX without full security dealer / broker license… even more so if we could convert the dust from dividends into NEX.