Consensus - Nash logo not linked to Nash website on sponsors page!

Just noticed that, unlike every other sponsor, the Nash logo on the Consensus website is not linked to the Nash website. Instead, it just takes you right back to the Consensus sponsors page.
You might want to give the Consensus guys a nudge to rectify this.

@clare, @canesin



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Hi @Olu!

Great catch - we will let them know!



literally every other sponsor has this link working. It’s a real pity Nash missed this.


Hi there @Trust_Yourselves our team actually caught this long before yesterday and brought it to the attention of the team running Consensus at that time. It is unfortunate it has not been updated yet but we are still proud sponsors and grateful to be in good company.


Kinda sad for SEO. (having a link between those others helps with classification of Nash in google Brain. DATA!) Hope they fix this.
They should compensate with ad space or article credits on their website.

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Let me be brutally honest, Consensus’ refusal or unwillingness to correct this simple act of omission, even up till now, is unacceptable. It would barely take one minute to fix this.
This doesn’t seem like “good company” to me tbh. I hope Nash gets adequate compensation.

Dont think its up to nash to decide if nash should get compensated though.

This incompetency from coindesk just shows this much about themselves as a host.
Coindesk is kind of bias in reporting news if you noticed, which shows its actually not “transparent”.

Hope this bring another lesson so nash can check this kind of error much earlier the next time round with probably a better chance of rectifying issue…

@MaoMao the error was communicated as soon as the logo was included, so it could not been “checked much earlier”. I can say because it was me that personally did it right after signing the contract. Coindesk was a good host at ground of the event and I don’t think this was a major issue, surely this issue was not ideal.

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