Consensus 2019 Recap - Nash Team?

(Hatertots) #1

Hey Nash team! If possible, Nash team members that went to Consensus, could each one of you give a recap of your experience and how the event went for Nash and how Nash’s vision was spread and presented?

Hope you all enjoyed it!

(Mao Mao) #2

Is there anyone in this community that went for consensus?

(FCC) #3

Consensus goal was to demonstrate the MVP product to media and partners in the ecosystem. We did that with success, our room was at Concourse F where we had a U shaped tableset to talk with people at the room with a central projector to show the system.

We continue to champion our values and vision and our conversations were all based on things we have done or are work-in-progress and we could share with people at the room, in a sober conversation, not vaporware hype as is unfortunately the standard of many.