Connecting Nash to the blockchain: State channel smart contracts


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We have a new blog post and video available here! Please do share across your social media channels – we’re very grateful to the Community for your support. More updates will be coming here and @nashsocial as we get ready for our DevCon presentation on 17 February. Stay tuned!

(Edge) #2

I really love this approach. Nice work chaps, looking forward to seeing it in action. Very interested to see how Bitcoin and other similar platforms without smart contract functionality will be handled.

(Olu ) #3

They are super organised and it’s going to pay off!

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Block Collider project might be able to help in future I think.

(Hypotheticalidentity) #7

@chris.fenwick, this is a great update. I’m starting to believe the exchange will launch before March 20th…also loving the frequency of updates; they’re like a smooth crescendo in a concierto.

Centralized exchanges do not have to build sophisticated integration systems of this kind. They are not concerned with issues of custody and are happy controlling users’ assets. By developing fully non-custodial, decentralized solutions, Nash aims to bring decentralized finance to everyone with no compromises on security.

This sentence really struck a chord in me, and I think it’s a point that can be hammered over and over. The notion that CEX’s have custody of users’ assets should be highlighted and is a major issue (see hacks, blocked withdrawals, Quadriga’s $190M issues, etc, etc.)! I’m currently imaging a graphic with an evil CEX character laughing at the average Joe trader/investor.

We are already working on second-layer strategies to incorporate chains not capable of smart contracts, in particular Bitcoin. These solutions should be in place shortly after the launch of our MVP.

Bummed Bitcoin will not be available with MVP, but this is still good news. ETA is soon™? :joy:

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Just guessing but I think it might be checking that the limit order did in fact qualify for the 0% Maker fee

(Nick) #9

Maker has 0% fee. This test is asserting that.

(Alex Forward) #10

(not implying a partnership. Just seeing validation for Nash exchange soulution)

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This Medium article was an interesting read and after reading I feel even more excited about what’s to come in the (near) future of Nash Exchange :star_struck: