Congrats to the nash team 🚀

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a rough mock up attempt by me of what the nash logo might look like in situ (in a few years to come!). @Nathaniel talked about ‘motion’, ‘speed’ and ‘approachability’ as being key areas of the nash team’s design philosophy.
*ps - I don’t support R Madrid or Ronaldo but I just wanted to show a white background / dynamic pic - to help us envisage how it might look :slightly_smiling_face:16

(Len) #2

Love your vision, bright future ahead of all of us :nash_logo: :nash_logo: < too bad that emoji is not working yet… @clare @carla


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(Oldsport) #3

Very nice !

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Here you go @len

(Len) #5

You’re the best! These are really cool :wink: :nash_n:

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