Congrats on the launch from Guardian Circle

Just a big, heartfelt congratulations on the launch to the Nash team and community from all of us here at Guardian Circle. We know this was a very difficult launch and a ton of hard work went into making it happen. We’re right behind you with our own launch (which has also been long / difficult, and now nearly complete – so we know what it feels like :slight_smile: ). Really great job on everything!!! And just everyone else knows: We’re in California so we have not been able to login to Nash ourselves yet – we’ve been asking friends to send us screenshots (and they have provided many). We cannot wait to experience it all firsthand!!! :slight_smile:


Hey @GuardianCircle

Not sure if you’re aware of this but you should be able to view a limited version of the exchange from the website.

Nash Team - maybe make this button more visible with a nice colour to stand out. I found it hard to spot initially too. Something like the “We’re hiring” button.


No that button does not allow me to even view the exchange from my region - I get the ‘denied’ screen.