Concern with NEO3 and staking NEX on NEO2

Hello all,

my great concern regarding staking Nex is what will happen when Neo transitions to Neo 3.0? Neo 3.0 will most likely mean that all NEP 5 tokens should migrate to new chain. What if my Nex is staked for 2 years? What if somebody is not aware of this issue (or simply forgets) and after 2 years they re-stake their Nex for another 2 years and now 4 years after Neo 3 main net is launched there is no more way to change their Nep 5 Nex to Neo 3 standard?

I would appreciate a comment from the team as well to ease the upcoming concern of many people.



I would imagine Nash has a plan for something this big. I wouldn’t really worry about it.


The team is aware and has mentioned before that this won’t be an issue.

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I am sure that team will take care of this, I just want to know more info. How will it be done (in principle), are there going to be deadlines, just basic stuff like that so I can also help to spread this info when Neo 3.0 comes around and people will start asking about this. For instance, I am very active on Reddit (under a different nickname) and I can make sure that every question raised there concerning this issue is answered with a reliable answer. Some of you guys are more active on Telegram and you can cover that platform, but the point is, we need to have a rough concept about how Nash team will handle this.


The NGD plan for NEO2 to NEO3 migration is not decided or public yet - before that being published makes no sense for us to worry on our side, we continue to store copies of the blockchains and people staking has their keys and accounts to prove ownership in the situation of any needed migration. So not worried, we will communicate when this is closer and we have more information.