Compounding staking rewards

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Hello Nash members :slight_smile:
First post and i would like to ask something i havent been able to find on the forums as of yet, please feel free to redirect me to previous discusions if need be.

What i would like to know about is will we be able to compound our staking rewards in NEX tokens?

As i under stand it at launch we will be rewarded and be able to claim a mixture of all the differing tokens/coins that fees are collected from. In the future we will be able to collect said fees in NEX tokens if chosen.

Will we be able to take these claimed NEX token dividends and add them to our already staked NEX? Is it possible for the smart contracts to be worked in this way?

eg. I have 1000 staked NEX for 24 months. After 1 month i claim 10 NEX in rewards. Can i add the 10 NEX to the already staked 1000 and continue to reap 24 month % claims on the full amount of 1010 tokens on the original contract?
Or will i have to start a new staking contract for the separate 10 tokens. Meaning i’ll have two smart contracts one with 1000 tokens and one with 10 tokens.

As i can see this issue becoming a problem to manage multiple contracts.

Or is there a system in place where i will have to stake multiple contracts but be able to “claim all” with the press of a button type situation?

Many thanks for any help and suggestions.

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From viewing ethans medium article where he showed a screen shot of the staking page:

  • you will need to create a new stake contract

If the earned dividends were to be put into the original staking contract it wouldn’t make sense for those nex to achieve a 75% dividend rate and still be released at the same time as the NEX tokens from the original stake.

Also, I’m pretty sure the smart contract wouldn’t be able to be reopened to pop more nex into it

However, what would be nice is an automatic restake option. Only downside to this is you’d have multiple stakes with small amounts of nex in each stake. But when staking rewards are large, the these automatic restakes won’t be so small.
So maybe the restake idea is an option for when we have big volume

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Hi there!

Nope, you have to create a new stake. Which makes sense because otherwise you wouldn’t have staked those 10 NEX for 24 months so why would you be eligible to earn the max fee of 75% for it :wink:

For your second question: yes, there will be a ‘claim all’ button, so that should save you some management work :+1: