Community Talent & Skills

I’m sure I am not alone in having paid close attention to Nash’s job opportunities of late.

If you’re like me, you may be a community member waiting to see if a role pops-up that is a good match for your particular skillset. You may be eager to contribute to the project in some form or another and so I figured it may be useful to get a discussion going on what skills the community has to offer.

I’m sure there are areas where we feel we could contribute a) to the Nash project itself b) to help accelerate the growth of the platform indirectly or c) to a side project that is closely aligned with the Nash ecosystem, perhaps for example on a part-time or regular basis in future.

If that sounds like you, feel free to comment below.

For now, I’ll get things started…

Name:            David
Current Title:   Mobile App Product Manager
Product Skills:  Feature planning/prioritisation, customer support, knowledge of latest iOS & Android APIs, app guidelines, building technical specifications, screenshots, ASO & more.
Dev Skills:      Self-taught in Swift, XML/Java/Kotlin - adept at tweaking & constructing UI (front-end) and master of git + Jira
Design Skills:   Building & contributing to complex design systems - Figma, Sketch, Illustrator etc
QA/Testing:      Xcode / Android Studio - constantly building via simulator and on multiple live devices (iPhone, iPads, Samsung devices etc).
Language:        Proficient in localising applications for global audiences - intermediate Spanish
Open Source:     Contributed to design group of blockchain project during 2018 (Elastos)
Summary:         Jack of all trades, master of none. Currently working in a small bootstrapped remote team of developers, building well-loved products that consistently get featured by Apple and Google. Very hands-on.
Why Nash:        Supremely excited about Nash and their laser-focus on customer experience.