Community questions for London AMA

Some time has already passed since the project started. I would be interested in how the team has experienced the progress so far. What have been the biggest successes, the most impressive moments, lessons learned in this time and the most difficult phases?

Something like a reflection from the start till now. :smiley:


Rather a very polite request than a question: Please show us a sneak-peak of the simplified UI :wink:

Piggybacking, any north american events?


I thought most traditional companies have one head office where most developers/operations teams are staffed onsite. Whats the long term vision for nash?


How does your team plan to attract high volume users without margin trading? Is there a plan to include this (even just for specific regions) in the near future?


As mentioned in another thread:
What happens to the NEX token if Nash is bought by another company?


When will the AMA starts.

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Will the exchange support trading bots? (i.m.o. this would booster liquidity for the exchange). If so, is the team working on an official trading bot we could use?

Are there any updates on part of obtaining the license for trading securities? What’s happening, what are we waiting for?

How do you want to compete against non crypto companies providing digital banking such as N26, Revolut or Stripe that are currently gaining momentum?

Those companies have raised huge amount of venture capital funding and are trying to quickly get as much market share as possible. Though, they are not offering much crypto-related products this could change in the future. Do you plan to raise VC funding some time in the future to accelerate growth? How would that even work?

Will the exchange be available in China, Japan and South Korea at launch? If not, when are you expecting/hoping to be?

I’m not familiar with the regulations in each of those countries so have no idea how complicated it may be.

Will everyone who participated in the token sale be eligible to stake their tokens, even if trading on the exchange is restricted in their country? Like the countries mentioned above for example or any others.


When do you expect to acquire the licenses needed to be able to hold fiat and offer fiat pairs?


Thank you for answering these questions.
So the NEX token is revenue sharing not only profit sharing, and NEX token can have more utilities and flexibilities to explore new utilities.