Community questions for Lisbon AMA, 19 October

Hi, everyone!

I’m currently in Lisbon with the whole Nash team. This is the first time we’ve had so many team members in one place, including all the founders. If you follow our Instagram you can see behind-the-scenes photos and stories from our development sprint.

Saturday 19 October is our Q3 report presentation. As usual, we’d like to invite Community members who can’t make it to Lisbon to ask questions. All five founders will be participating in the AMA!

Post your questions in this thread and like/upvote your favorites!
We’ll be uploading a video to our YouTube shortly after the event.


Dear Nash team,

Is it possible to give a status/update on the ongoing proces regarding the security dealer license?

Kind regards,
Coinder Frank


Do you think we’re on track to become a top 50 CMC ranked exchange (volume) within 6 months of launch? (April 2020)
sharkie :shark:
ps - loving the MVP progress so far


75% of fees for those who block tokens for two years will be maintained forever?

even if it is a q3 report, could you do us a sort of roadmap of nash short-term projects (q4)?

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Only 10,000 is required to get another Coin / Blockchain (for legal fees). So the Nash team will probably pay in the form of working hours.
My question would be: Is it planned to integrate the current top 20 coins? even without inquiries or legal costs
further: since it costs not just little (working time) to intigrieren new blockchains: will the $ 10,000 concept have a future? (because the top20 change relatively fast)


3 simple Questions:

1.) When will Nex be listed on Nash - Why in detail does this stuff take so long exactly?
2.) Are u planning anything with XRP - XRP backed Stable Coin for Europe etc.?
3.) Will there be stable coin pairs for Europe?



  1. Any updates in regards to enabling trading? How are those MSB licenses going?

Hardware Wallet:

  1. This is a sore spot for many community members and those new to Nash. If possible, can you briefly describe how your 2nd gen key management will work? I eagerly look forward to a system that displaces hardware wallets – I don’t really think they’re necessary!

When we can expected to buy Nex via fiat ramps on Nash Exchange?

Are there any plans to go with the Neon Exchange Aktiengesellschaft to the stock exchange in the future?

What do you think about decentralized lending on Nash?


Unlike more traditional setups, where a company has one or multiple offices in different countries from where employees work together, the team from Nash is located all around the globe.

One of the advantages of this “work from home”-approach I can think of: you can hire top talents from around the world, without the necessity for them to move. On the other hand, I imagine this setup might make coordination and management much more complex. The fact that the company sometimes gathers for development sprints shows that working together in the same room has a positive effect, I suppose?

Did this “decentralisation” complicate the issues encountered during launch? What structures/measures are in place to keep this way of working manageable? Will it be possible to maintain this organisational structure when Nash continues to grow? Will you continue hiring people following this principle, or are there plans to open some offices in the future?

Many thanks in advance.


Is it possible to apply the technology behind BITCOIN trading to other non-Smart Contract enabled blockchains? And I’m not talking about Bitcoin Forks like LTC, etc. I’m talking about blockchains like NANO, Stellar, Monero, IOTA, etc. :sunglasses:


Nash has and is achieving many world firsts;

Cross-chain noncustodial trading,
Non-custodial Bitcoin trading,
Hardware wallet beating key security using MPC

These are all things that no one else has achieved and worth promoting.
Has the team compiled a list of these “World Firsts” if so what are they and does the team have a marketing plan to promote them?

There’s no point being the best if no one is aware…


can you tell us more about nashpay?

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  1. How many project applications did you receive to date? And how many of those are being worked on and how many were refused?

  2. When will we see more projects being added at an accelerated pace?



Hi, here are my questions:

  1. When can we expect the first EU SEPA (Debet) bank transfers? Since that is 0 or close to 0 cost, this will be a true competitor for the likes of Coinbase or Bitstamp and for a lot of people this would be the reason never to use these platforms again and move over to Nash (if there is enough liquidity)
  2. Nash pay update. Where are we at and what can we expect when ?
  3. Canesin mentioned in a BlockChain Brad interview early this year that he expected approx 35 million daily (so about 1billion USD monthly) volume around 6 months after launch. Does the team still think this is possible ?
  4. When can we expect a USDC-EUR pair ?
  5. When can we expect a EUR stable coin ?
  6. and of course an update on the BTC progress :slight_smile:

Thx team and keep up the good steady progress!



I forgot to add a 7th question:
7) Given the success of the likes of, would Nash be thinking of decentralized lending/interest earning platform ? I know Celsius is custodial (they work with BITGO), so it would be a game-changer to have this possibility with our Nash - decentralized/non-custodial setup. Is that even possible ? Has the team thought about it ? If not, would it be possible to perhaps think of a partnership with firms like celsius as I think this is pulling in huge amounts of FIAT because of the interests that can be earned compared to the traditional banking sector.


Hi, this is forwarded for a TG-Member called Solomon Adekale:

Who is the primary target demographic that we expect to bring in the majority of volume in the next 6-8 months? Have we profiled them in detail? Whats the potential volume numbers are we expecting from them? FOLLOW UP: Have we Q and A’d these folks to see if this is a platform they would already trade on? Their problem with current exchanges and if they see what we are doing as something special that would make them switch?

What type of Q/As have been done already? And for how many potential demographics that can bring actual volume to the platform?

I would imagine we want to inspire confidence when it comes to marketing. Right now the “perceptive” marketing plan feels shaky to a lot of people. I think this is due to people’s misconception that the team might rely on the community for its primary marketing plan. Can you reassure us that marketing has as much of a robust well funded go-to-market strategy as the technology does? Can we expect a holistic marketing approach?

What are some different marketing channels we plan to use to really onboard users? Because if Bakkt who raised $150 Million is only doing an average of 5-10 Bitcoin a day then what can we truly expect from Nash Exchange which only raised $35 Million? And that’s before the one year of development.

For now it feels like other people are more aggressive with customer acquisition and we aren’t. Yes we are still in MVP mode but we know the bad wrap on DEXs. Its always volume and liquidity. People feel we are falling into that trap despite the promise that this wouldn’t be the case. Can we get confirmation again that there is some grand solution to this from Nash? Or will we look like Bakkt even after BTC integration? FOLLOW UP: Are we ready to be aggressive to gain new users? Or old users on other exchanges? Have we figured out customer acquisition models that could effectively take users from other exchanges?

We know the team raised money for basic marketing but what about holistic marketing where we aren’t just relying on traditional mundane modes and tactics that don’t necessarily work in our space? Yes we know we have money for sponsorships and advertisements. But what about alternative and advanced holistic tactics like: target influencers, YouTubers & YouTube channels, twitter army maintenance, YouTube based content, social influencers, press buddies for strategic articles, robust referral system, liquidity/volume marketing, trading competitions, hackathons, native advertising and so much more. Are we preparing a marketing budget that includes all these modern tactics?

In terms of just liquidity/volume marketing are you prepared to subsidize certain key actions on Nash to make it easier for people to bring their volume to the platform in a big way? Competition is heating up and it feels like we may not be prepared to compete on an aggressive level.

Why are current shitcoins on Nash not expected to bring their own volume and liquidity to the platform? Or are they? If not, then how is this not a detrimental business strategy to the platform when we can’t rely on wash trading and need actual real volume to be viable?

How is not having projects bring their own volume going to bring more users and not put a burden on Nash?

Are any of you in talks with current third party chains to list bigger more relevant ALTs projects? Like EOS, XRP, BCH, TRX, COSMOS etc etc?

Do we have a personal bias or any bias against listing XRP or USDT? These are major volume assets. If we still wont listen them even though Nash is non-custodial then can you explain why?

LEGAL: in light of Harbor getting a broker/dealer license have we made sure we are following the same protocol they followed in order to speed up the process? Who on the team do we have working on that? Are they also buddy buddy or familiar within SEC circles since that seems to be a requirement?

Curious to know if we are taking the Skateboard Method approach to NEX markets on Nash Exchange? Meaning is there a way to get minimum licenses just for NEX markets instead of needing a bunch of licenses that would cover more than NEX markets on Nash?

Each block has their questions and some have follow ups.


Good questions/topics, looking forward to the replies.

  1. Are there currently plans to launch index funds and margin trading in 2020?

  2. Does Nash have any plans to join the Liquid Bitcoin inter-exchange settlement network?

  3. When are we getting the option to send money from our bank accounts to the exchange?

  4. Will Nash be hosting STOs (security token offerings) or TGEs (token generation events)?

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Wen Nash Trustworthy Technology Service Provider in Liechtenstein ?

With the current fiat gateways only suitable for card buys and not being a viable alternative to other exchanges, what can we expect going forward?

Is the plan still to acquire the necessary licenses to hold our fiat, have bank transfers and fiat pairs?