COMMUNITY feedback

pls keep an exclusive thread for community voice ,

its high time we should start retaining some 125k plus which showed interest in NEX ico phase 1 lottery ,
more imp 21k plus who participated in the ICO ,

or even active 5k plus NASH telegram community ,

pls post that the exchange launch is not full fledged yet

community feedback

in the basic exchange pls decrease the size of graph and ensure buy and sell drop down occupies more space or moved towards centre

very imp !

ttry for exclusive listings like listing only on NASH on day 1 , where we get a bunch of traders who will come by default to our exchange , then they will be easily retained with their visit to our exchange ensured and with our product , their retention is also ensured

try whatever to woo traders and community within the legal compliance

our only worry is a state of the art innovative product may not get what it deserve bcos of lack of marketing and right timing

pls allow a few to speak exclusively one on one

this is very very imp

we can give some local excahnges products and let u know a few user friendly features which can be incorporated into NASH

coming to a kind of beta exchange launch exclusive for community and wanna test a few hiccups and challenges , how on earth can we trade without a stable coin - eth pair

neo and eth are volatile

yesterday i tried to transfer 1800 USDC from my binance account after converting USDT to USDC

much to my dismay there is not eth - stable coin pair

lets keep adding pairs to see the traction or challenges ,

There are many to almost kind of a pledge to trade only in NASH , but its too early as there are hardly any options

This post is both useless and very hard to read.


Wow… just, wow.

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if its useless for u , it may be useful for many , if its hard to read , u can ignore

Do you not think for a second they have all this in mind?

“Let’s…, let’s…, let’s…”. They have a roadmap in all deparments (tech, marketing, etc) and are sticking to it as they should.

You’re post is basically noise.

lets not mock , it may or may not be useful for many , but end of the day every penny counts so are words .

u can mute , if so , end of the every individual has his own opinion , who knows there can be a single point in the post which can turn out to be valuable for the NASH .

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Not mocking, I’m simply amazed that the post was extremely hard to read and most will probably don’t understand it. After trying to figure it out, I might even agree with some points :wink:

end of the day , i am trading and i would like certain features , if it can be incorporated , they can give it a look , if its worthy or not , i am a trader myself and i have an opinion to voice out , u cant call it noise , if they know everything , whats the point of running a community platform here

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Does this pair not work?

If they are in the Europe then they would not have access to USDC pairs which is likely the issue here. It is a legal issue the Nash team are working through.