Community/exchange log out

Hi, when I log in to, I am automatically logged in to, which is fine, but when I log out of, I am still logged in to the exchange which is not fine. Do other users have the same problem? Thanks


Hi there @ca1ab1yau, thanks for sharing your experience. I will bring this to the team and let you know.

EDIT: It has been changed to where the user is redirected to the exchange sign out endpoint.



Thanks @clare. However, now when I sign in to, and I click on, I am brought to the sign in page for the exchange (suggesting that I am not signed in to the exchange app), but if I then click on “view exchange”, I am already signed in. Nevertheless, signing out of does now also sign me out of the exchange so that’s wonderful!


@ca1ab1yau we will get that taken care of. Thanks again for your help!


I just love you :heart_eyes: ( I mean Nash :grinning:)

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Hi, just to reiterate/follow up on this topic;

When I sign in to and click on


I am brought to where it appears that I am not yet signed in. If, however, I click on view exchange, I am able to access my portfolio (i.e. signed in).

Now, if I go back to and back to the exchange, I am signed out of the exchange without officially requesting it.

Further, if I instead sign out on the exchange page, I am still signed into the community page. This isn’t a big deal, but I am not sure if the team is aware of it. Ideally, signing in and out should be complete, regardless of where/how you do it.

To avoid confusion when moving from community to exchange whist signed in, perhaps something like this would be preferable:


or “View exchange”, which brings you to

To summarize, it would be nice to know precisely if you are signed in/out regardless of which page you are on.


Hi @ca1ab1yau, we will not be changing the link. The website a different thing than the platform - one is to inform about and prensent the products and the other is the web client. The link is not to redirect you to the platform but to the website.

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Hi @canesin, all of the issues I had with previous experiences with the platform/community sign in/out have been addressed beyond my expectations. Thank you!