Community Collaboration: SWOT Analysis

(EC) #1

A while ago @canesin asked if the community was able to help out with a SWOT analysis on companies listed in an image posted by @HarrisonP. To facilitate such an effort I have made a spreadsheet where we can pool our common knowledge into an easy to read format.

The link to this Google Sheets doc can be found here

We all want NEX to succeed for both selfish and altruistic reasons! With a real community effort, our combined research can save the team valuable time, allowing them to focus on delivering better products.

A dedicated email; (yes I know, very original) has been setup for anyone to send their research over to. Emails MUST be in plain text format, I will not be opening any documents so please just include your research in the body of the email. Alternatively, copy/paste your SWOT breakdown on this thread. Claim topics by voicing your interest here.

My intention is to open this page up, allowing other collaborators to edit/add so reach out to me on the community site (handle = elliptic.curve) if you’re interested. I am full time at university so I may take more than a day to reply to messages.

(FCC) #2

@elliptic.curve just to clarify I did this analysis already of several of those players, what I want to see is what the community think and view as SWOT for those :grin: … if you can include NEX in the mix is even more interesting to get community perception.

(Alex) #3

Maybe its an idea to separate the payment services as a whole…
Here is some copycat from Paytomat Pitchdeck to get started:

Think Stripe, paypal could be on it aswell…

If I only had more time… would love to see position matrix aswel
(end user centered (paypal), developer centered (Stripe), Early stage?, Exited?, product market fit found?, …unknown?)

  • Edit: not sure where NEX payment services belong… I personally like Stripes approach by making developers life/ indie makers easy :wink:
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(FCC) #4

@Alex the pitchdeck only has a list of features for comparison not a SWOT - you can look at this site for examples, so the benefits there are implicit and there is no honesty in saying what are the strengths and opportunities of their competitors. But I get it, it is a pitchdeck :crazy_face:

(EC) #5

Added NEX to the document and will add some of my thoughts, would be interesting to see what others think. Which players in particular are you interested in? I was under the assumption that a SWOT for all those companies was of interest.

(Crypto King) #6

Very good initiative, i think our community will be happy to take partin the community assigment. NEX is working toward the direction we are all expecting. They are really caring about their community. LOVE NEX.

(Alex) #7

Cannot edit the shared spreadsheet in Google sheets…
Here is an earlier topic about SWOT for NEX: NEX: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

Anyways, I remember the original question was to do SWOT on other players aswell.
Think we need people who are active in those communities then… Maybe we can go ask for their perspective in their Telegrams…

  • Spreasheet suggestion: Add the community Telegram and or other platform-handle in a new collumn…
(EC) #8

It is read-only for the time being. I will add people who have meaningfully contributed.

Thanks for linking to the other SWOT thread.
Nice idea regarding TG handles, will try and add where applicable.

(Xen) #9

Thank you so much @elliptic.curve for facilitating. :blush:

Btw, is it possible to share our inputs without using a Google+ account or accounts?

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(EC) #10

Happy to :slight_smile:
Other than using a google+, you can post your analysis here or send it to the dedicated email. I’ll be sure to credit the author in some way.

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(EC) #11

Thanks for your input @Olu. I have added Block Collider to the spreadsheet as per your request.

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(EC) #12

@canesin how would you respond to some of the points raised in the spreadsheet under the weaknesses and threats sections for NEX?

(FCC) #13

@elliptic.curve is the SWOT finalized ? I can go over it if it is.

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(EC) #14

As of yet no. I have filled in the sections myself but I was expecting some contributions from other community members as I’m at uni full time. Maybe if we all band together and smash this out before devcon?

(Agile) #15

Used and followed GBX for a short while last year.

They’re a centralized regulated exchange.


  • Regulated exchange
  • Deep cold-storage
    They store their assets permanently offline.
  • Insured against theft
  • Token Launch Centre (GBX GRID)
    They have a platform for “high-quality” token sales that have been subjected to an “institional grade, rigorous approval process”.
  • Easy token sale participation
    Once you’ve been KYC-ed once you can participate in token sales held on GBX GRID without having to submit KYC again.
  • Mobile app on iOS and Android


  • Low volume
  • Rather poor/mediocre UI (imo, also some things don’t work like the depth charts, not sure if it’s just on my end)
  • Extremely small / inactive community
    I do not see much activity on their Telegram, Reddit etc.


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