Community Actions

What the community can do for NEX once release ?
A strong community is important and we saw it for many projects, so what can we do to help NEX to get more users ? Why not try to do something special for a project who can really do the difference.


The best thing you can do is really promote it with factual evidence and educate the public on why NEX is really trully needed and what problems it solves. Shilling is something everyone does but it doesnt tell people what NEX is or what problems it solves. The more you can educate the general public and explain what NEX brings to crypto the better the adoption. This can be done by providing links to official NEX articles or just talking about it to people who are interested in the space but really dont know where to get started. With NEX making the process simple even @canesin’s grandma can use NEX! :smiley:

Shilling sucks haha, was thinking about something new in this space. Some ambassadors to spread the NEX’s vision. Will be easier once the exchange releasing. Maybe we can speak with the team to involve to community to help to get more users.

Once marketing starts it should focus more on educating the public on the importance of controlling your own funds.
“Experts” in crypto understand how to really secure your funds but those new to crypto think buying their crypto on Coinbase or Binance makes it secure just because they bought crypto. When in reality they are just storing it in a new bank (server/exchange).

True. I think NEX marketing must be something like this, to educate people, help them in this new era. Like binance with their academy, not like trading competition :confused:


I think the community should be put to work in testing/improvements/security. We can provide constant feedback on new and or existing features. Fast and user tested design interations are a vital role in keeping ahead of the competition.

I believe that the most effective thing we can do as a community right now is, to educate people on social media about which problems NEX solves and what their vision is. (youtube, reddit, twitter…) Make them realize that nex is still at the beginning and that they can be part of something very big.

Yes ! if NEX provide us some serious and playful content to share will be easier for us. The more the community is involve the more people we’re gonna touch and spread the word, hope the exchange will be absolute gorgeous to speak by himself.

Agree. This Binance academy is great. It brings new people in organically. (its content marketing in some way) On top it shows that Binance is doing serious efforts to educate their customers. Which could be in favour for regulators imao.