Communication with investors

Thinking this days about the project so wanted quick to share my thoughs here.

Community has people with lot of investing experience and I think that F2F meeetings and investor reports are beeing missed without substitute- its 1 way communication mostly (the blog is the platform where one can share thoughts) but example investors with huge stacks (big belivers) would be beneficial to have channel where their good intentions can reach out from time to time tp the team / without obligations. Sharing ideas to support nash - is not the channel.

Not everyone and everyidea is good to be outlined publicly. Investor relations and potential impact of their suggestions/without any obligation or pressure on the team is beeing missed. Nash as a company is really positive change how the crypto companies are running their business in this space, investor relations are still lacking comapred to legit non-crypto companies, maybe crowdfunding as a process of collectiing capital is giving impression that its not neccesary/ like no obligations / and yes there are non - but we are speaking of building strong community and longterm trust, success should be common goal.

Wouldnt go furhter just wanted to share my impressions beeing here before/since ICO. Want nash to succeed but have feeling its “nash team thing” no channel for " best ideas/practices thing" -

Please excuse me if I am beeing ignorant /not aware of some things which "may"happen in the background that prove me wrong in some of this statements.

Read this with a positive attitude :wink:

Do you think that if someone invest more $$$ , their ideas are better?
So many reasons that people invest small amounts of $$$ not necessarily because they are non believers :flushed:
F2F would be great, it’s probably possible if anyone can bring to the table a considerable contribution, not just $$$

Would be great to have more attention from the team :wink: even if I know that we have a lot already :upside_down_face:

I read it positive.
More $$$ invested doesnt have relationship with ideas quality.
-More experience (years) and # of projects invested and startups build does have relationship with ideas quality.

  • Dont get trapped in better/worse its an open field for discussion its not competition.
  • maybe I could rephase big stack $$$ better, its relative to ones wealth - I mean as given trust/not as gamble, aware of the risk

thank you

A few of the founders, and other team members, routinely pop into Telegram to answer questions and say hi. There will be a half-year report in April/May. With my experience investing in non-crypto public companies, Nash is as vocal – if not more – than what’s out there.

no channel for " best ideas/practices thing"

This forum is exactly what you’re referring to. People, between krill and whales, are more than welcome to provide feedback/criticism here, as long as it’s constructive and there’s validity to it.

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