Coinmarketcap Finally Fixes Supply!

At first what was a panic not finding Nash in its usual spot and so far down… great to see Coinmarketcap has finally fixed NEX to be the proper supply!


The circulating supply is still wrong as it should be circa 28 million.
The numbers are still wrong in the Neotracker.
This explorer is more accurate.

Circulating supply should be = NEX unlocked - NEX staked
But still supply numbers don’t add up in coinmarketcap.


Given the amount of staked tokens and the fact that CMC was using NEOtracker before the recent change, is it fair to assume that they changed their source of info ( API ) and now take into account the total staked tokens to calculate the circulating supply ?

And will this change dynamically over time :smiley: ?

@Harry if you were right, it would mean that there are more than 30 million NEX unlocked already. Coingecko data would be wrong then. I asked for an update on the vesting schedule recently. No answer so far. Market reaction due to lack of communication: NEX is losing value against major cryptocurrencies. Hate to say it but it is what it is.

We are out of the top100 :frowning:

Need more assistance, get this price up! :grin:

if you assume that 50% of the founder token are still locked:
45mln - staked 7mln = 38mln Circulating Supply / free movable token

STO was September 2018 and apart from the founder token (slow release over two years) everyone was locked for a maximum of 1 year