Coindesk article?

Talking about Beta release …

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No dates provided, mentionning incoming betas while private alphas & betas are already over…
Just an ill informed article, nothing to see…

at the launch beta symbol maybe be on and only users registered wit the refferal program will be able to use the exchange… its true guys.

Yea agree its kind of weak article… maybe nash should contact and educate on the writer :joy:

I’m available for consultation if they need help :joy:

Well…even on Equilibrium there was no “Beta symbol” :arrow_right: it would be surprising to see that appearing on the MVP :thinking:
And, as for me, I won’t be sending any real coin/token to anything showing “beta”…but that’s only me, you guys are free to do whatever you want :grimacing:

Agree. MVP !== Béta
Its only a viable product if its secure.

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We decided to not use the beta branding on the public release, there is not going to be an additional beta. The article was probably started or based on the information of a few weeks ago when we had our final round for UX feedback on equilibrium.


Ooh this is good news. I like that the public release won’t have the ‘beta’ tag as it can be confusing for some and looks better for the brand.

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Thanks Fabio for being so active and transparent. Really useful to hear, when some in the wild are jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Happy Nash day by the way :wink:

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