Coinbase vs Nash Fiat on ramp

Hmmmm. I just did a preview for a 10 Eth purchase between Coinbase and Nash, using Wyre. The results were a little surprising. This would cost a total (including fees) of $1529 on Coinbase and $1526 on Nash. Not as much of a difference. As part of those totals, I’m seeing a $22 fee for Coinbase and $11 for Nash. So even though nash’s fees are like half the Coinbase’s, looks like the Etherium itself costs a little more on Nash. Both of the “previews of purchase” were done a couple seconds apart. I tried the same thing ten minutes later, and once again got a difference of $3 dollars, Nash being cheaper.

Have others here experimented with Coinbase vs Nash? Are you getting roughly the same differences in price?

i saw difference of around 40$ cheaper for 1 btc in nash. The price in nash is locked for 5 minutes , may be for that reason you might be seeing a little bit higher price?