Coin and token listings on Nash. A realistic insight

What now seems to be becoming the age old question with Nash is ‘When are you going to list more Coins and Tokens?’.
This will happen when the time is right for Nash I am sure.
We see it time and time again in the TG and occasionally in here. People pushing ‘myself included at times’ to know what and when Nash will list more tokens.
As we well know Nash is a completely legal and compliant exchange. Sadly most of the Crypto space was started off the back of some questionable beginnings in way of fund raising and Token/coin offerings making them illegitimated securities. So clearly impossible to list until their backgrounds are resolved.
Rather than ask what and when Nash will list new coins and tokens I instead ask in a hypothetical manner which coins, tokens, projects Nash would like to someday see listed or be excited about listing should the opportunity ever arise. As stated this is more of a wish list and education to the community as to which projects in the space are actually legitimate.
I invite the community to also give some ideas as to what they think could/should be added. I think it would be a good discussion and insight into the projects people see as legitimate.


I’d like to see some very low fee stablecoin integration. I do not like using USDC & USDT on Nash since it is on Ethereum and moving the funds in and out of Nash Channels requires a lot of GAS. NEO is basically zero fee, but there is no USDC nor USDT on it. Using NEO for moving my funds exposes me to volatility that I do not want to have. So even if I want to use Nash Cash for fiat onramps, I end up paying a lot of fees if I want to move my funds to a different exchange with more altcoin selection and buy the coins there.

With Trust Wallet (Binance’s official wallet) starting to support USDC-SPL tokens we might expect seeing USDC-SPL tokens starting to gain traction. FTX already supports USDC-SPL.But any other blockchain that has USDT or USDC on it would do.

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