Clarification on the June 17th draw - my situation


I participated in the ICO and have a NEX extension set up. When i got my referral code for June 17th lottery, i created an account on and sent the code to my wife to create an account of her own. After some time i couldn’t log back in to my to check on my referral page. password resets didn’t work as emails woulnd’t come through. After going back and forth with support, it was finally suggest for me to get a new code ( which i didn’t mind).

Today i asked my wife to send me HER referral code with which i created a brand new account. the idea is for her and i to both try our chance at winning in the lottery. As of now I have a NEX extension and a new referal account but she only has a referal account - no NEX extension.

I understand for both of us to be able to have our tickets validated, we’ll need to have at least one trade on NASH exchange and equivalent of $25 in our wallets --> does this mean i need to create a NEX extension/wallet for her so she can keep $25 worth of NEX tokens there for the draw?

(sorry for TMI)

Yes, she will need to have a wallet as well which holds $25 in equivalent tokens (doesn’t have to be NEX just has to be $25 in her portfolio at the time of snapshot prior to withdrawal).

Official terms and conditions are outlined here:

@CryptoPersia if you have used the beta that would mean that funds:

  • personal account + trading account >= $25.

No need for you wife to install and use the extension regarding the referral program.