Claiming NEO GAS through the app?

Just received a Tweet that it should now be possible to claim NEO GAS through the app. I installed the update, but I have not clue where to find this option. I would say by going to my portfolio and click NEO, but that is not the case.

Does anyone know?

Furthermore, the knowledge base could use an update. There is little information about how to use the app. The first search result I get is that the app can only be used for KYC.

It should be there when you click on NEO basically. Are you on OsX or AndroĂŻd?

I am on Andriod. There is only the send and receive button.

Should it be a tab? I have the Price, Markets and NEO activity tab.

Ok, so you’re in the same situation as me. But you said you installed an update just recently? Can you tell me what version you’re on?

Maybe they haven’t rolled out the update on the Play store yet.

On the Price tab

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Version 2.75. I think they still have to release it. I updated it 40 min ago, but the update is from 11 of feb.

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@canesin In case Nash team isn’t already aware of this.

Maybe it’d be best to have both OsX and Androïd live before tweeting :upside_down_face:

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@Crome and @Oldsport reply at Mobile app upgrade (claiming GAS)


People love staking - Adding Coins such as ADA, Tezos etc. should be high priority. It is the killer app for Exchanges and probably unique to Dex? Not even sure it is possible to stake coins on Nash other than Nex?


Yes, being non-custodial we can provide real staking (not the “give me your coins and I will pay you % back from the actual staking” centralized exchanges are doing). That is in the roadmap for after Q2, which might have changes depending on the business.


I really don’t see why Bitcoiner’s seem to advocate for trusted 3rd parties and intermediaries … almost like they have investments in “bitcoin banks” :slight_smile: :roll_eyes: :grimacing: …
having said that ; could i enquire about possible defi lending (margin trading and also bitcoin to usd-c)?

edit: also i guess letting people lend usd-c and getting a “crypto market” interest rate ? prob moving in to banking territory here :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate on how this works? I assume staking on Kraken they create multiple pools for their customers to join?!

What do u mean by real staking? I think this would be an absolute must have killer feature. Hopefully Gouegen will be implemented soon.

Just make sure you guys generate some revenue soon…

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A CEX only pays out x% of the staking returns, Nash would give you the 100%.



In addition, the team has performed exploratory research into protocols for decentralized lending and borrowing, providing more useful information for Nash products.

Source: Q4 Report.


If Nash pay 100% of the staking returns what will the benefits to Nash as DEX?



cool thanks again … prob eed to read that report more careful

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