City of Zion

Hey everyone :slight_smile: It’s my first post here on the forum. This post isn’t directly dedicated to NEX, more to the background where our founders come from.

For me a name of something is always a special thing and I was wondering for some months where the name city of zion come from. I did some research due to the word Zion and found alot of different things.

Because of my reasearch I’m still struggling with getting the meaning. Do you have any ideas? If yes I will be happy to read them and maybe someone of the team have time to give an answer as well.

~Great to be part of the NEX Community


Not 100% sure but perhaps both Neo and the city of Zion being part of the Matrix films?


Yes all the names are from the movie The Matrix you have Neo the main protagonist Trinity the female protagonist.
In the world of The Matrix you had the computer generated world (the matrix) and the real world that was taken over by the machines/AI, in the real world there was one last human colony that was called Zion.

They are all biblical references right?

Just saw this on Reddit…

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