City of Zion transfers 43000 Neo (500.000$) to Nash

City of Zion transfers 43000 Neo to the Nash Smartcontract.

A good or bad sign?

  1. AXSoNQEKjmqPBNPg5cNrHyWivfjok3Vj9D --> (City of Zion Wallet)

  1. AX7SFWTTwCToJgmDRehPw6YFrBmWQYHhJe --> (Nash Wallet)
  1. AFwYT3HDAwkTneE8JytrCG1MWAFaqBUmnr --> (Nash Smart Contract)
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I don’t want to speak for City of Zion as a whole but this is a great move for that institution and the NEO ecosystem. Pretty sure there will be a NEO News Today article in near future.

This is one of the last steps in a 6mo long restructuring that created a new development company called COZ in the US which works under a new regime of quarterly contracts with the NEO foundation. Nash is a COZ partner to allow COZ to meet their digital finance needs and liquidity on assets, as we would love to partner with all main blockchain development groups. COZ is contracting engineers to continue to grow their work in assisting NF.