Chromia (CHR) Tokens not visible on Nash

Hello Nashiers

I sent Chromia (CHR) tokens to Nash and they are not visible, although I got a message from Binance that they arrived several hours ago. Since I also sent other ERC20 tokens at the same time and they arrived, the error must be with Nash or? Can you help me with this please? I would like to have all my NFT tokens at Nash. By the way, I congratulate the Nash team for the progress that has been made!


Your title is very misleading and alarmist. Your Chromia tokens are not missing on Nash. they are just not visible on Nash. You should still be able to see them if you search your ETH address on an explorer website. Best to avoid this kind of language.

Hi @bern94 !

As @Olu said, if you’re sure you sent CHR to the correct Nash address they will be there on the blockchain. It’s perhaps a front-end issue that support should be made aware of. There was a token migration to a new contract after the Kucoin hack – wondering if that has anything to do with it.

I edited your post title from ‘missing’ to ‘not visible’. :v: