Chico’s video mentions Nash

So even Chico is uninformed on his assumptions. He added Nash to show that Neo is not dominant but still ETH wasn’t there either.
Good part: blockchains are finally looking to work together.
We got 5 sec of exposure :grin:
Really funny crypto space.
More and more solidifying my decision that supporting Nash is super right :loud_sound::handshake:


In which video was that?


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Thank you m8

Don’t give that guy the views lol.

It’s good to know, what are thousands op people exposed to. :handshake:

Just checking what he said about Nash :wink:

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Really nothing, he is uninformed on what is happening with Nash :handshake:

That is true. I stopped watching him when he started to shill DEFI but talked trash about Nash and totally ignored Bitcoin trading like it’s nothing (the way Nash implemented it). With this video I was curious what was his latest Nash talk.

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He also dislikes NEO (while he used to like it) and he associates it to much with NASH.


If I get it right, he is just too quick on his opinion. To evaluate a company takes more then 2 min. Probably he is so overwhelmed with all of the projects, that he is lost and confused with all of them :grin: I can see he is confused with Nash, so this is why my assumption :handshake: