Change of Circumstances

Fellas, just wondering, suppose after staking for 24 months the user faces a financial crisis and is really dependant on money that he may get from selling Nex. Will Nash look into their needs and can help them withdraw tokens from the contract or they can’t do much?

I do get it. just wanted to know for any reason, will top Nash management have any control over cancelling the contracts before due date?

thanks mate.

Only thing I would suggest is maybe staking for a shorter duration, although you will obviously get less dividends in that time. A 7 month stake will get you close to the 37.5% mark, earning you around half the dividends during that period.

Nash management will not have any control over a smart contract! A contract is binding, more so when it is written in code.

You don’t have to stake all your tokens for the 24 month period. There’s flexibility around how long or how many tokens you stake.

They can’t cancel it for you, because Nash is decentralized. When you plan on doing the stake you will get a last notice that your choice is final and you can’t reverse it once it’s being staked.
Like said above, just go for a shorter staking period. Use to find out what percentage you get on each period.

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Nice addition to the calculator @Nick pretty cool!

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Thank you sir! Also added more info boxes to explain details to newcomers :+1:

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