Censorship resistant

A thought came to mind. And since this is the place for the community/ people that are here since ico, invested in Nash, partcipate in bringing liquidity and helping out with feedback…I thought this would be the place to ask my question:

I was under the impression the people of Nash…say the foundation…or better the idea or believes were that Bitcoin and crypto is immutable, censorship resistant and frankly a kick in the nuts against the people in power that always abuse that power…IF these are your believes or core values…how is it that you ban people from twitter? I mean…even if a opinion is not your standpoint, shouldn’t someone be free to express it? And…if your company…and thus also the interest of the investors…which is probaly the biggest parst of your twitter followers, mutes those same investors so they can’t even see progress or future events, would that not harm their trust and your core values?

I am asking because for the love of god I can’t immagine what I have said that was so bad I had to be banned from your twitter feeds. I remember me asking something after a post from Ethan that took a whole different route because of others feeling the need to jump on the wagon. And…I might have expressed critisism (since I know myself for doing so pretty much always as inquisitive nature compells me)…But I know for a fact I haven’t said anything that would be illegal or harmfull.

So…like I said: how can you rhime your passion for immutability, decentralized power, bringing freedom and a alternative for banks…with controlling free speech and acces to news?

Let me state: NO intention to offend…ALL intention to understand


To be honest, without knowing your specific case, I appreciate people getting banned on twitter. Most of the time the ‘criticism’ is completely untelated to the post that is chosen to reply to. So it appears as troll comments, sarcasm or FUD. As companies (and so Nash) don’t use Twitter for discussions, is not the place to express criticism. By the nature of twitter there is hardly any constructive discussion possible, plus it can easily be misleading.
In the end companies use Twitter as a media for advertising and promotions. It’s nothing more than that. And as a private company it’s obvious that they don’t let people harm their marketing efforts.

If your post would be about getting banned in this community I would have a different standpoint with a lot more tolerance!