Carbon Money fiat-on ramps Stating NEX has to integrate new features for it to work again

So , we all know, carbom money fiat on ramps stopped working for some technical issue from there end. Now they have resolved it and I inquired about it on official telegram channel. Below you can find the response.

@canesin kindly look into it.


When Carbon became available again recently they changed their API specification, but since they do not implement versioning this meant they were no longer compatible with existing integrations. We’re currently working on another feature and will update the API integration afterwards.

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So how long do I have to wait for the integration?

I’m currently in Abu Dhabi and I haven’t been able to buy BTC or ETH, I don’t want to use Bitoasis, the commission is very expensive. regards @rahil

I was using Bitoasis before, but recently started using it is regulated exchange from central bank of Bahrain and provide fiat on and off ramps with monthly withdrawal and deposit limit of roughly 1 million USD for tier 1.

The service is excellent. within 2 working days I did withdrew many times without any hassle. They provide support for AED for deposits and withdrawal.

Its been 2 months since I raised this issue. are we still working on it? Why is it taking so long?

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Hey Rahil,

The team talked about the current status for fiat on/off ramps at two separate points during the quarterly report.

Hopefully this helps you:

First mention:

Second mention:


Thanks! Going through it.

Looks like it is back!

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