Can't buy NEX on the exchange?

Sorry if this is a silly question, I never trade, just buy and hold. I got NEX at ICO, but I’d like to buy some more.

I’m on the Nash Exchange and I can’t find any pairs with NEX?

Am I missing something, how do I buy more through Nash?

In the Nash app you can find the NEX erc-20 token and then select ‘Swap/Trade’ when you click the NEX erc-20 token. There you can buy as much NEX as you want on uniswap directly in the app using ETH.

If you then want to be able to stake these tokens you bought, you would need to tap the convert button which was next to the swap/trade button and you can convert the ERC-20 NEX into NEP-5 NEX which can be staked. Keep in mind that you need a minimum of 500 NEX to be able to swap it between ERC-20 and NEP-5.


I’m on the exchange on my laptop and looked on the app, I can’t find the NEX erc20 token, and when I search ‘markets’ for NEX nothing comes up. I feel like I’m missing something really obvious!

But also coinmarketcap doesnt list as one of the exchanges its available on. Its weird

Just to be clear, I believe this is only available on the app right now on the phone (Android or iOS).

Check these photos below on the app, you can click to follow a coin, and when you follow a coin select the NEX on ETH, then it should show up for you in the coins you follow on the app. Then you should be able to click it and see the swap options I mentioned.


Keep in mind, I believe it was mentioned that right now (as you can see) it is hard to find. In the future they will make this easier to access.


I would simply add that you indeed can’t trade NEX the same way as other tokens on Nash because of the following:

The 2 recommended ways to get NEX are through Uniswap (you need ETH to buy) or Switcheo (you need NEO to buy).


Somehow it was not clear for me how to buy NEX until now :flushed:. I looked in the Nash app how can I open Uniswap and couldn’t find it until this moment ( I have never pushed on the token itself, I have seen once before that there is a list of apps that we can connect with Nash app and, I was looking for that list :flushed:, never thought it to be available in my region). Really nice and easy, it doesn’t show that the service isn’t available in my region :partying_face:. Oregon USA ( still it was not clear for me until this moment)

Thank you for this simple explanation. How could I get it wrong before? “ I don’t know “


I am wondering, if the way to obtain the required licenses is known and if the process has already been started. Unfortunately, I haven’t been following all the discussions. However, when discussing crypto with friends, we stumbled upon CoinMetro, a centralized exchange (also seeking to be legally compliant), who offer digital security trading. They even claim to be Europe’s First Security Token Investment Platform [1].
I did some research and found this article on medium [2], where the architecture is explained. Apparently they use Ignium as a central security depository (CSD). Quote from the article:

The newly founded CSD in question is called Ignium and will act as primary market . The cryptocurrency exchange CoinMetro will be the first secondary market during the initial regulatory sandbox phase and will act as an European liquidity hub for interested investors.

On Ignium’s website you can see, that the CEO of CoinMetro is also part of the founding team of Ignium [3].

Have you heard about the CoinMetro exchange? Is it legit?

[2] CoinMetro & Ignium - tokenized securities explained | Medium

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Thanks I didnt realise it was not traded on teh exchange like other coins

I bought some on switch, as I prefer to have NEP5 and will not be buying 500 so I cant swap them


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