Cannot finish the tutorial

(Vt) #1


I’m currently trying to finish the tutorial given by the NEX Community Bot @Wen. Unfortunately, when @Wen is asking me to upload or copy an image and send it to him I’m getting the message that new users are not allowed to upload images.
Seems like this is a bug, as only new users would follow such a tutorial.

Thanks in forward for fixing this.

(Wen) #2

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @Wen commands.

(Vt) #3

I’ve found the fix, just type ‘skip’ and the bot will skip to the next step

(Low Ri Da) #4

Just skip this step of the tutorial by typing skip in the reply.

(Chris Fenwick) #5

User permissions for this are fixed now!

(Aman) #6

Its still not working for me. Can’t upload pictures in tutorial.

(Chris Fenwick) #7

Try again now.

(Aman) #8

Worked now. Thanks :slight_smile: