I know Nash has taken a stance on no more license updates, but is it possible to get an update on Canada’s situation? Like a general overview on what’s going on?

I believe it was said that Canada would be live at launch, but seems like delays were inevitable. Have regulations tightened up thanks to Einstein and Quadriga? What does the landscape look like at a high-level?

Agreed! Almost a month until the referral giveaway is completed I am eager to trade and activate some tickets!

Do you really believe that the program ends in december? I do not believe in it for a long time. Will definitely be moved again. It would not surprise me.

I seem to be able to trade from Canada now, can anyone else in Canada confirm? I don’t have a VPN on but I can see the trades tab now!

EDIT: Guess that was only temporary for some reason, but I had access to trade for around 30 mins.

Maybe it’s coming soon.