Can the tier limits be increased?

This is just something that I have been curious about. Can the tier limits per day/month/year be increased? Or is there legal restrictions that can’t be obtained?

It is possible that we could see the no KYC tier 0 increase to say $5000 per day or $10000? Same goes for the other tiers.


Its probably legal restriction…
One thing you could try is to make multiple accounts: Fake emails, resident IP proxies + custom API tool (for easier management). If there is much demand for such thing; its a matter of time before someone builds such a multi-account manager.

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I think the answer is maybe. I think ultimately there are legal restrictions; but, I also don’t think $1,000 daily reaches the cap. I think the current limit is subject to a mild increase at the team’s discretion if they’re comfortable or see reason to do it.