Can the community members who joined today, get a chance for beta testing? or is it too late?

(Zaeem87) #1

Hello everyone! i have been an avid follower of nex since it’s inception. However, i have joined this awesome community today. Just wanted to ask if i’m too late to enter into beta testing of nash exchange or is there still a chance for me.
Thanks for the input.
Regards Everyone!


(Frenk) #2

Yes you could be getting an invite for the 26e April Equilibrium BETA fase see:

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(Mao Mao) #3


You can enter the Beta - equilibrium phase on 27th April 2019 if you manage to sign up on these days before they release the invites.

quoted from nash’s medium

" If you are not yet a member of the Nash Community but are interested in helping us test our product, you still have time to join before we issue invites for the Equilibrium phase!"

you can join now by clicking this link below to sign up!

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(Zaeem87) #4

grateful for your help. Thanx.