Can’t make it to Amsterdam?

We’re really looking forward to this week’s Amsterdam event – and we hope you are too!

There’ll be plenty of opportunities to chat with team members and ask questions. But we also want to hear from Community members who can’t make it to Amsterdam.

Please post your questions here and we’ll do our best to answer them during our presentation.


1)When will the matching engine go decentraliszed ?and who will be able to run these nodes apart from the company/team?
2)will we be having a neon explorer to see all the transactions ? like i exchanged 1 eth - 0.01btc will i be able to see the address of the person with whom i traded ? if not do you have plans to make one in future?
3)so how are the people running the nodes of matching engine getting rewards? as already 75% are going to token holders.
4)when will be we able to see nex as a payment alternative like paypal?
5) i heard there are many things which are not going to process via matching engine and eventually not included in pool of fees to be distributed, so will you be making your maximum efforts to make everything via matching engine? or is it like ,as 25 % of fees are not sufficient the company needs these fees for development?
6) can i choose dividends as any coin like btc etc from the beginning of staking ?


@Ashrith I can answer some of those already:

1 - From the start. Second part is not yet set in stone, but about 100k+ holders.
3 - They will get 100% rewards instead of 75%.
5 - Not so many things that aren’t going via matching engine. Fiat off-ramps are outside NEX’s domain, but fees collected during e.g. AVA -> BTC conversion before off-ramping will be paid out. So indirectly you’ll profit from it. Also, when they have fiat pairs in the future, they will go via the matching engine. OTC is the only remaining component that doesn’t go via the matching engine. That’s just one to accept I’m afraid.
6 - Yes, but only the coins that are supported by the platform. So if they launch with BTC pairing then yes you can choose to payout dividends in BTC. Which is suggested because it causes compound volume (converting those collected fees to BTC goes via the matching engine :money_mouth_face:)


Will the payment service be fully functional upon launch?

For example, will the following scenario be possible. A merchant accepts only Fiat or Crypto X, a user purchases an item using the payment service with Crypto Y, in background through the matching engine Y gets exchanged for Fiat or X and the transaction is settled.

Will U.S. traders have access to the platform to buy and sell crypto?

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Thank you for the input. Can you quote the source? I’ve never heard about the 100k 25% bonus.

Yeah me too, 1 and 3 never heard about it.

Hi @carla , @Nex

a few things I’d like to address:

  1. During an interview with Blockchain Brad, Fabio talked about Neonexchange being the first Product of Nex, while I consider these four blocks as products of the Neonexchange.

Can you elaborate on “Future Nex-Products”? Will there be additional fundraising for these products?

  1. Will you offer traditional stocks on the Nex-Plattform in the future? I’m not sure if you know about it but trading fees outside of crypto are even more outrageous. Usually more than 5-6$ per trade in Europe. I’d love to kick my brokers’ ass and use Nex for all investing opportunities.

  2. How is the mood in the team? Exhausted yet?

  3. I’d like to give you two quotes and would love to hear your opinion on it
    Planning is everything, the plan is nothing
    By the way, are you updating your roadmap anytime soon? But scratch the dates, I’d only like to know the next big projects
    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
    (Leonardo Da Vinci)
    I hope you keep this in mind when designing the UX/UI. But I have faith in you, otherwise, I wouldn’t be invested.

Hope you guys are having a great event in Amsterdam!


  1. I’d like to second the question someone already asked: “Will US users be able to participate?”

  2. What fiat / NEP-5 pairs will there be in initially?

  3. When will this launch!?!? :slight_smile: (I know I know it’s done when it’s done).

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It’s not official yet, they need to figure out how to exactly offer/implement this. But it’s something I heard at the NEX party last year in Amsterdam.

How difficult will it be and what length of time could it take to add new chains to the exchange in future?

Would it be right to assume that it could take longer to implement smart contract platforms as opposed to non-SC platforms?

Fabio previously mentioned researching EOS with a view to adding it to NEX. Is that still the plan? What else are you looking at?

It was stated recently that NEX will have stabelcoin markets where you can offer them.

Could you go into more detail of which ones you plan to list and any regulatory issues there may be in different parts of the world?

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Nex and Nex’s competitors have experienced some delays. Totally understandable when we see what is going on around us…

However, from Nex’s stand point, has this waiting time allowed for any parts of Nex’s offering to be built ahead of schedule (eg/ Margin trading, index funds) or can this only be done after we’ve lived with basic functions being live for a while ?

Sometimes clouds have silver linings ? :sun_behind_small_cloud: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi and Good morning @carla! Greetings and thank you all for having us to hear our questions! :relaxed:

1. Will there be any plans for an expansion for fiat partnerships in other countries? If so, how are you going to engage the local fiat-to-crypto exchanges (or could be banks?) in a country?

2. This may be a dumb question (and obviously it is) but NEX Exchange will have smart contracts correct?

3. What is the “exact” (or an estimation) TPS of the NEX Exchange since it’ll be faster than Binance?

Thank you for reading and for your time. :blush:

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@Xen For the second question the answer is yes. Here’s posts from the team speaking on it…

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Hi and Good morning @CryptoUK1! Thank you brother! :relaxed:

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These questions were answered at the event…

The team said that it is indeed more difficult to implement non smart contract chains into the exchange but once they have BTC completed, it will be straightforward for the likes of LTC and Dash and any others in future.

For smart contract platforms that are not too dissimilar to Ethereum, like EOS and TRX, it will be relatively easy and won’t take long to implement if they decide to. SC platforms that are very different to those, like Cardano for example, will take longer.

When adding new chains, they will focus on the ones with the most liquidity as it will be best for business.