Can someone help me

(sorry for my aproximative English)

I thought it was a serious group because I had already bought token on it but I lost a lot…
I have just been robbed 670 Neo on escrew group…

the token were sent to this address :


I do not know where I can talk about this but if anyone can help me :disappointed_relieved:

:triumph: These people are still stealing guys right now. I see them in the telegram group. I have the blockchain addresses nicks and transactions and can not do anything?

Sorry to hear you lost so much but nothing can be done about it unfortunately. Need to be more careful in future and either do smaller transactions or use legitimate groups if buying via OTC

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Added the address to blocklist:

Unfortunately that is all we can do, if you are doing OTC two rules of thumb to follow:

  • Use a serious escrow (not a random from internet, with KYC and a known person)
  • Transact in small values, better do multiple transactions - even in a legitimate case errors can happen.

I’m very sorry that this kind of thing happens. they do not imagine the effort that many people make to invest in cryptocurrencies, so that they simply steal them. @canesin I would like to know if the blockage means that they never move the token or what it means to be on the block list really, in fact I know this and I would like someone who has knowledge to explain it. Thank you.

According to the search, apparently they have already stolen thousands of tokens, I hope we are more prepared and avoid this. I’m really sorry @BILLYBELT2018 , I was also the victim of a Pishing theft last year.

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35k NEX :confounded:
That’s a career criminal. Unfortunately, I doubt that the nash team can do more than blocklist that wallet from the nash exchange.
@canesin, I wonder, is it possible to further blocklist/flag any wallet(s) that that address sends stolen NEX to in future?

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This is so complicated matter to deal with. I do not see appropriate answer at all…Scammers are all arround. I am very sorry for your loss @BILLYBELT2018 , there is always risk associated with otc from different kinds. I would like to point out that there should be system for reporting and prooving claims.
Idea just stoke me that one can falsify accuse someone of stealing without proof and blacklist his adress. (cannot remmember motivation for this…atm, but sure there could be one?). So I suppose some kind of “investigation” of proofs would be needed to fortify the claims… not sure if nash can deal with this. In any case it is good to report to officials… idk, police? this space is so young still… Here comes NASH biggest usecase (TRUST YOURSELF)

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Scammer Group name is GLOBAL OTC NETWORK with 1500 members, all the group members are scammers(Sergie Diametri is admin of group) they used to change Group name and usernames every time they scam someone. I’m also personally got scammed.i would like everyone to be aware of such SCAM groups. many thanks to @canesin for adding Scammer address to blocklist, i hope he will never have access to 35k Nex tokens

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Report this to other exchanges so they can freeze the account if the scammer moves those coins onto their exchange. Contact the cyber crime department in your country of residence to see if they can help with this. Apart from this, not much I know of.


It is from this group GLOBAL OTC NETWORK and these people (Sergie Diametri)… and what do we do with these addresses? :



Hello @canesin I see that the following addresses :

- AY1ahAP3gwkq3yEv3evFrpvoxtJFCeXh77

- AQBPwfiRtJSotu6qervza6qHyEmih8vrPu

- AJzoeKrj7RHMwSrPQDPdv61ciVEYpmhkjk

are still not blacklisted … while they exchanged very often with the address :

- AWHu6NGiqtKXrqqG5es9fiXveqdCofpPbR

besides this address still owes me 5192 nex and I have enough to prove what i say … What will become all these token if They are not used ? because if I understand correctly in the current case the person can not move thes 30K Nex but he can touch the dividends …

I do not understand why you can’t to force him to give back what he owes me

That is not how crypto works. They have no power to force someone to give you tokens, even if they are rightfully yours. Maybe at most they can flag the addresses and block them from being used on the exchange, I don’t know.

Very sorry to hear what happened to you, but unfortunately there’s little to no recourse to recover your funds.

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This is Binance Wallet

sorry to say but you cannot do anything in simple terms just forget it ok those are scammers not kids like you who told you to deal with otc groups you can buy at aphelion o tokook best trading going on even the exchanges cannot blocked those address without proper reason ok and if you send neo/nex then how can you explain them ok sorry but in simple terms you should to forget ok i got also scammed i was also help less and i stope trading otc best lession for life and the address above mentioned they can sell at secondary market as well but sorry to say you are imature and kid first need to understand crypto vs fiat ok

yes he cant do anything

you are a kid ok bro first learn crypto basic fundamnetal

Your account was made 25 minutes ago. Have you made an account simply to come on this site and taunt the guy?


if its binance wallet, open up a police case and binance team should be able to help… I hope you don’t trouble nash team with these questions. its your wallet and your key.

yes i recently joined the community because i am also new in nex ok and got scammed and i realised my mistake i deal with otc ok