Can Nash add a DeFi index token? Such as DPI?

I think it’d be great to list an Index token such as DPI, by Index Coop.

This would be great as either an L1 addition but I know Nash focus is else where so am assuming the quicker way would be add it as one of the Uniswap pairs (DPI/ETH).

Two key benefits:

  • Buying an index allows users to get exposure to many DeFi tokens/projects without needing to buy each token individually. This would also mean Nash wouldn’t need to list all the underlaying tokens (maybe long term they would).
  • Fits with Nash vision on onboarding users to DeFi, so users can earn interest on AAVE and also benefit from investing in AAVE/DeFi via DPI (or some other index).

Granted am bias on DPI since I have some (single digit :frowning: )

Side question - how is Nash deciding on which pairs to list within the Uniswap integration?
Side question - how large of a task is adding additional pairs to the Uniswap integration?

Thanks, go Nash :heart:


Great suggestion and already on our radar :+1: