Cadence is a company ive just researched.

Here’s the scoop:
VC’s provide cashflow to cash strapped startups collatoralized by accounts receivables or by crypto assets (in this industry)

Cadence offers accreditored investors the opportunity to deposit $ in return for a tokenised share in a short term bond or cash loan to businesses.

Yield and principle are distributed and tracked via blockchain.

^^ Increased management efficiencies over DLT allow Cadence to offer smaller investment amounts to customers and also help risk diversification to the VC originators.

An opportunity would be here for Nash to create a secondary market where investors could move in and out of these tokenised debt securities. VC capital lenders could issue debt securities directly over Nash.

This would be ground breaking stuff and could open the doors to reg A + secondary markets on DLT exchanges

I have a list of originators … its long

Arctos capital - is one to take note of

Obviously there’s more than a few caveats to my findings in relation to Nash . legal .

this one FCC will like … Globalising the bond market just seems obvious


Im gonna keep going with this

Nash could provide audit assurances that make the market possible.
Nash could prove who owns what and prohibit certain accounts interacting and exchangeing securities that are not legally permitted (only KYC’d accounts can use matchine engine)
full custody is maintained tho… “u just cant conduct illegal business here”

Its a bit “soft” but ill further say Nash could inject a vibrancy in to the market through its community ties, meetups and the platform itself

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I find the below surprising … and noteworthy

-think I figured it out : the VC funds are raising capital for their investments … they are the broker dealer not Cadence.
-Cadence charges zero comission

ur right to keep a culture of secrecy:
“Yes, we are not a broker dealer because the structure we’ve created for each offering is issuing notes out of our own SPV, bankruptcy remote and segregated from one another. Let us know if you have any other questions!”

CEO Cadence

tl;dr: Nash can offer reg D securities … in the above form
this message will self destruct

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