Building a Bank with Kubernetes

Copy pasta please but on better underlying tech :wink:


This is cutting edge. Nash please do use this in your architecture.

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I believe they already do use Kubernetes, @ethan has mentioned multiple time. And also functional programming for back-end, arguably a better paradigm for software development (parallelism, concurrency, fault tolerance, determinism).

These guys are all about cutting edge :wink: :nash_token:


yeah… i know they are already doing it :slight_smile: …just a nice vid… thought id share


Nice video.

Our DevOps stack is: Terraform, Kubernetes, docker, GKE, Erlang/OTP, Redis and PSQL.
Our backend-frontend stack is: Elixir, GraphQL, TypeScript and React.
The blockchain code is a bit custom with Boa (our Python to NVM compiler) and Solidity.

Current R&D is done in Rust (for crypto primitives), previously we used Go.


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Dude, this doesn’t sound right or ethical imo. Making your own token and associating it with Nash is kinda suspect and can be abused. Leave this type of ideas entirely to the team to implement.

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Its just an idea… and i dont control the token …

but yeah point taken … meanwhile why dont u go back to doing nothing proactive ?

or maybe do some research on it and join ?
u know they are democratic organisations… so erm … yeah … u can have ur say

“A strong believer in the power of blockchain tech… Big nash fan…”

If it helps dude the token is non transferable … u get a token based on being a staker and then … if u like u can vote on topics tabled for vote… lets say ur your watching a live stream with stos pitching ( this will likely happen at events in the future) u can cast ur vote as a staker in NASH to support a certain STO … this is just the beginning of the idea…

But it not my token :slight_smile: it was perhaps my idea… but i have no ownership of $ value to gain

Eth is an open protocol and its very cheap to create a contract/ and doesn’t censor anyone from creating things

then again perhaps Nash want to create their own token and take consensus through their own voting app … im cool with that… this is a sandbox idea … nothing unethical dude

I have little understanding of what you are talking about but it sounds fancy :smiley: Seeing this video actually makes me want to get a Monzo app.

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dude the post below has been flagged … whats next cyber gulag ?
as it appears u may need to scroll up
i think they mean well but are ignorant

edit honestly i shouldnt be bothering u with this rubbish… whos the admin here ?