Does the community platform has a bug?
This is the second time, that after I wrote a normal reply, I get a few banned replies from last week…

One time… okay…
But now again? How does this come?

Wen seems to get a little antsy. Maybe he’s tired of people asking “wen?” :joy:

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hmmm, I don’t know…
but if people get tired of ‘wen’ ‘when’ or ‘moon’ in the crypto space, maybe they need to find a new work space…

Hopefully this ‘hidden post’ happens not a lot… Than the active community members will get flagged all the time… :frowning:

Wen is genderless btw :slight_smile:

My apologies!

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Seems that Discourse has a cron job running that from time to time we get those mass flags coming from the system. We try to fine tune the parameters to block spam but allow legitimate links.

How on Earth…