BTC trading at launch?


following this tweet from Ethan Fast
I’m wondering if there are any hard commits yet on having non custodial BTC trading at launch or shortly thereafter?


Hi, i can’t tell you how the team is thinking about the best strategy. But from my point of view I would prefer to launch without BTC, to see how hings are going. I would add BTC trading later to have a higher effect on on-boarding new people. People will show more excitement in looking forward to having some significant implementations yet to be added

According to the NASH quarterly report:
" * We have finalized our protocol specification for Bitcoin trading on Nash, which will be implemented soon after launch. Support for Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and other related chains will follow rapidly. This protocol represents the technological innovation to which Nash is committed and will offer significant security advantages over present centralized solutions. Users will have self-custody of their Bitcoin and will be able to trade it securely through our matching engine in a performant fashion — the Nash signature."

Let’s hope the best. I can’t wait to see the exchange in action :slight_smile:


Its not really about seeing excitement. I think nash will want to have BTC trading asap when it is ready. This gives a very high volume to the exchange. It then will generate more fees to its NEX token stakers

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I am of the opinion that Fabio said to Q1 that it does not take 3 months more to start. Only I can not find the place on youtube. Did I deceive myself or was that said?

And if so, are we still on plan? :wink::blush: @canesin @ethan

“Canesin tells me that during that event, Nash committed to fully launching within three months. Nash is abiding by this timeline and the full platform should be live by late July.”

OK thanks. :blush: I knew the articles. I just thought he had told it in the stream too. Then you would soon expect an announcement if it stays that way. :wink:

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As we communicated before Bitcoin trading will be following soon after launch, it will not be in the initial release.


Thank you. I know I just did not want to open a new post because of my question :upside_down_face:

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