BTC pairs in Nash - screenshot

@canesin @ethan

Hi Team Nash, I wonder if it is possible to see a screenshot of the BTC pairs in testnet or a video of at least 1 minute.

We don’t ask for much as a community, just a love from the team for Valentine’s Day until we have the pairs running live.

Thank you!


What is it with community members joining under fake accounts because they’re not confortable asking under their real account?

IMO this is a terrible idea. This would just create hype and put more pressure on Nash team.

Ready when ready.


Great idea.

I agree, I am a bit sceptical at this point. Nobody has done it so far, so there is a chance it actually does not work smoothly or even at all?!

I don’t see anything wrong with hype though.

Well, we already said to be running it in local testnet and working on further needed improvements before production deploy. If people decide to not trust that a screenshot is no different.


A video is hard to fake though, would be good to see it working, I like the idea. :eyes:
This would create excitement yes, but it would be good to have some of that :slight_smile:

Hello sir, I bought NEX recently on the recommendation of a friend who shared a video of Fabio, I found it pleasant that in a forum you can ask questions directly to the team, I did not intend to find people like you really.

I also see that the co-founder responded, that gives me confidence to buy some more NEX now that it is at a good price.

Successes with your bad mood.

Thank you for answering Mr. Fabio.

If we trust what he says, but you know we are millennials and we are as native as the images and videos, then for us to believe is to see …

I hope not to disturb you, I appreciate your response and work.