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Can we have an assurance that Bitcoin SV, which is a complete scam, will not be listed on Nash Exchange? There is already a movement to delist it from most exchanges.

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I don’t doubt that Craig Wright is a fraud but unless a project is a complete ponzi scam like Bitconnect we should list it and let market decide. Let idiots trade it, more dividends for us.

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(Olu ) #3

You make a good point. Much as I find the antics of Craig Wright distasteful, I do not consider it solid grounds for delisting BSV from Binance.
I think CZ is just playing god.
But it is a complex situation. Many people will take sides with CZ and Binance because they blame the BTC bear on the forks :upside_down_face:


(Njb) #4

I think it’s more about protecting users really. It’s a pet project of two guys and a small number of followers. It’s not a valid project by any stretch of the imagination.


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but it basically is Bitconnect. Open your eyes.

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(Mao Mao) #6

Noone really cares about bsv really. Apart from craig trying hard to lie he is satoshi…which he cant prove to the public in any way