Boston Quarterly Event. What to Expect?

So, today is the event, where can I watch the event? Any links or Live streaming.
Anyone expects announcement of launch date at this event?

I’m going to check the official @nashsocial instagram channel and have some contacts on twitter who attend. It was communicated no live stream will be available but a recorded version in the comming days will be released.

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It was mentioned on the forums a while ago that live streaming would not happen because the team wasn’t happy with the service provided. It’s better to release the update in high-quality later than have a choppy stream people complain about. Fabio said it will likely be on Youtube beginning Monday, as they have other matters to attend to after the conference and on Sunday.


@carla , When will the video of q2 even be posted ? Thank you

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Hi @mdk757, we are currently working on it and will publish as soon as possible.

We respect our investors and value transparency when engaging with our community. Please keep it in mind and refrain from making this type of statement here @Alex.



Can we expect an upload today? :slight_smile:

Here it is:


Thanks for uploading the video; excellent content and development from the past quarter.

I’d like to make two recommendations for future events that might be uploaded to YouTube:

  1. Anyone presenting or sharing as a group (e.g. Q&A) should wear a lapel mic for better quality sound recording. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but the upgrade will be noticeable.
  2. Oh no, but we don’t have the time or resources to get audio engineers to help with these events. For a few $ investment in either Android/Apple app store, you can download sound recorders to work with the lapel mics.
  3. But what about getting everything in sync? Once the mic is plugged in to the phone and the app is recording, clap ONCE, and the sound signature will be visible in both the audio and video files.
  4. If the source audio and videos are uploaded any one with basic video editing skills can quickly put the parts together to provide the best possible solution.

I wouldn’t mind spending the thirty minutes to do this if nobody is willing. You guys are all about doing things right, and I think this small detail can provide substantial improvement in audio quality.


It is funny to see comments like these with zero context, we hire audio at the locations.

For example:
Or even:

Up to Boston suppliers have been reliable in terms of quality, this is 100% not correlated to cost. We will add our own redundancies for future events.


True…the audio for this video is not up to Nash’s Standards.