Bitmax CEO interested in Nash and possible listing

Hi @canesin @ethan

I asked George from Bitmax if listing is possible because it’s a really good exchange as well in my opinion and he seemed interested.

If you want to contact him directly I feel it will be beneficial for the project as a whole to be in a better exchange with higher volume then Aphelion.



Don’t forget that NEX is a security. Do they have the licence to list securities?

They could do the Aphelion and list NEX regardless, but there may potentially be legal risks.

That’s what I was wondering, unless George doesn’t know that Nash is a security ?

they are not able to list Nash according to team

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That’s a shame :frowning: so then I assume the CEO was not aware of what Nash is … which is kinda weird

listing securities like NEX is a barrier to NASH right now…but its not forever…in time to come, i believe projects that are a security would be in trouble with laws…that is where nash would shine as nash is compliant since the start…and it will make their business smoothen in time.