Bitcoin protocol based on RSK?


I’d like to know if future bitcoin trading on NASH will be based on the RSK technhology? I remember you were mentioning it as an option (sidechain with 2-way peg to btc) for non-custodial trading of BTC once, but we did not receive an update on this…

Thanks for claryfing :slight_smile:

Why do you need to know this now? Are you working for a competitor? As mentioned severally on this forum, a paper will be published on the solution, I think is better to wait till then.

I understand the competitive edge, but only a “yes” or “no” on above question would not give away anything that can be used by the competition…

Also I am a long-term follower/investor in NEX, so no i am not a competitor…

I understand you but I’m just curious as to why that yes or no is important at this stage. As an investor, I would prefer they don’t give any clue until it is implemented on NASH. I’m aware many projects are researching on this kind of solution at the moment.

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Here’s your reply from Fabio:


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