Bitcoin Lightning Network payments through the Nash Extension

The bitcoin lightning network is growing fast is (supposedly) becoming a fairly reliable and fast way of making bitcoin micro payments.

There are a range or bitcoin lightning payment mobile apps and browser extension wallets that have been released. I haven’t seen many retailers accepting lighning payments but I’m hoping this will happen in time.

This second payment layer on top of the main btc blockchain is considered to be the most likely solution that will facilitate much greater (possible global) adoption of bitcoin by enabling MasterCard/Visa speed payment for everyday purchases at a fraction of the cost.

Does the Nash team/community think that adding this feature to the Nash extension at, some later stage, would be beneficial/add value to the ecosystem.

Obviously the Nash team is resource constrained especially given the many products in development for future release, however, is lightning payments through the extension, something that would be considered as a future add on?

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Definitely, are you mentioning the Casa extension ? From our priorities list makes no sense to devote engineering resources to it right now, as there is no demand and basic bitcoin support for the extension should come before. So it remains as a parameter to keep an eye on.


Yes I am referring to Casa. I believe they run a lightning node and their chrome extension connects with it to enable payments. I suppose (I’m guessing) this is probably a custodial wallet however, which would not align with the core Nash approach.

I just started my own lightning node and have come to appreciate how huge it is for solving one of bitcoins key limitations (instant payments) and its potential to make bitcoin the currency of the internet. So obviously my next thought was, I wonder if it will be part of Nash’s future development/product features.

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