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Good day

I just want to give my point of view regarding Bitcoin, according to the initial roadmap Nash should integrate pairs with BTC on these dates.

I think going out without BTC pairs to the market would be like opening a bar and not selling beers.

I prefer to even wait 6 months or a year but with BTC pairs at the start.

Thank you!

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Volume will come with BTC, LTC, ETH, NEO first.
I don’t care if Nash Exchange offer NEX pairing or not but BTC pairing is important for Nash investors IMO.

(Jump Around) #3

I couldn’t disagree more. There is nothing wrong with rolling out Ethereum, USDC and NEO pairs initially. It will give users a chance to give real life feed back, in addition to fees/revenue for the company prior to BTC launch.

(Mikkel) #4

Of course there is nothing “wrong” with such a decision, but it is not helping either. The exchange market is extremely competitive and it is already taking a very very long time before nash exchange is finally live. Which in itself is not a problem, but the longer it takes, the less likely people are to migrate because other exchanges will claim this space and it’ll be more difficult to convince users to switch to Nash.

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(Mao Mao) #5

A day earlier of launch will allow users to be more familiarise with how the exchange work… more users will be able to post on social media on coaching/sharing how nash works…

i don’t see why we shouldnt launch when the exchange is ready :slight_smile:

(Peter) #6

So instead of operating a (likely profitable) business as soon as it’s possible and allowing the company and investors to begin earning, you’d like to wait for the shipment of beers to arrive? Meanwhile we’ve got fixed costs in rent, staff salary, legal, utility bills, etc.

There are restaurants that don’t sell beers. There are co-c-ktail bars (System won’t allow the word co*ktail), cafes, dessert bars… the list goes on.

Let’s switch our brains up a notch to keep the Nash team sane. The quality of posts in the community lately is a bad reflection on our community.

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(Elcontador) #7

Thanks for your answer.

I accept your point of view, I do not share the arrogance about the quality of the messages and the community.

Regarding business, it is quite, more than you imagine, I am not in Nash to earn fast money.

To understand how large-scale businesses work, usually the fixed costs are guaranteed, we have a curve and for that was the ICO, if you as an investor need to have income at this time I suggest you move to a project already running of utilities.

The question is not of bad quality as you say, since going to the market without BTC would be to frame the DEX with all the others, leaving that frame can cost a lot.

If you know about business, you will know the concept of the cost of acquisition of the client, it is the cost to take it to the door of the store and to enter, only to enter, without buying just to look.

Imagine the cost that Nash has to bring a customer who will eventually go without buying because he does not have BTC, that client does not particularly return to the store.

Maybe the translation does not convey my answer well because I speak Spanish as a native idima, I hope you take it amicably.

(Mao Mao) #8
  1. You can’t and will never be able to have a community that thinks the same the whole time.

  2. You should never generalise everyone here based on a few people expressing their thoughts :blush:

(FCC) #10

The team understands this optics very well and the concern regarding costumer acquisition. We can do several things to mitigate that, one small example I have mentioned here before: we could not drop the beta label from the brand in the live product before a few features come online.

We do plan to start general availability without BTC trading, with a smaller operation. That will help us size a lot of things, regarding load and both technical and business bottlenecks. For example: how many support specialists will we need per user ? Our products have never been online before, maybe we need 1 to 1M, maybe 1 to 1k. If we open the doors with full force we would need to prepare with overcapacity, that is something that Bakkt can do with more than 200M raising, but Nash can’t (and shouldn’t) make this malinvestments.

We have communicate reasonable expectations for first and second quarters of operations, they are very non-linear - reason is that first quarter is exactly to be used to fine tune operations.