Bitcoin address reuse security issues?

How does Nash handle the security issues coming with the reuse of the same address?
Afaik nash only offers one single BTC receiving address.

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The Bitcoin wiki lists two potential security issues wrt the reuse of addresses, i.e., (1) the reuse of nonces and (2) timing side channels.
(1) When generating an ECDSA signature with Nash’s MPC protocol, client and server each contribute their own randomness. The same nonce could only be reused if both client and server contributed the same randomness twice, but as long as the random number generator of either client or server works, the resulting nonce will be fresh.
(2) Again, Nash’s MPC protocol provides increased protection, in this case against timing side channels. In order to recover a secret key by using a timing side channel an attacker needs to have access to the hardware during signature generation in order to extract timing information (which usually requires lots of signatures). Since there are both client and server involved in signature generation with Nash’s MPC protocol, an attacker needed to have access to both the client’s and the server’s hardware at the same time in order conduct a timing side channel attack.