Binance hack/funds holding making me appreciate nash even more

I just wanted to express that today made me appreciate the true value of your exchange. I have funds on binance that are frozen currently and it is unsettling that they could theoretically just have claimed the hack bankrupted them and pull a cryptopia or quadratix (spellings off I know)… My point is that your exchange really could be the future “binance” level exchange in terms of volume. I have lost money on both cryptopia and quad and I can tell you it really makes you mad haha. Luckily for me I survived the bear market so that was an easy deflection, but an eye opener none the less.

I have a hard time understanding the simplicity of your fiat gateways and this is due to the fact that so many exchanges make it their sole purpose to stop canadians (like myself) from getting into crypto without massive bank conversion charges. If you actually nail this system and allow all nations to use their currecy on your exchange, you really could be the hub. I imagine it requires extensive legal action to add this many fiat gateways but I hope you are reaching out anywhere your hands can fit to get as many countries currencies accepted as possible, as I imagine you with 60+ fiat pairings one day.

Anyway, thanks for the kick ass exchange to be, I think we’re all eager to provide as much help as we can in the form of ideas and critique, keep asking!


Our friendly exchange has done it again. In the middle of volatility they have suspended trading, deposits and withdrawals. LMFAO


Also my AI is detecting increasing interest for HUOBI.

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ya… I’m withdrawing almost everything from binance as I type this. You never know when they’ll get hacked so bad that they close their exchange, people were saying that their “dex” was down as well! Apparently a bad hard drive caused it… so much for being a dex